J.B. Taylor is a dedicated, motivational, and kind Suzuki piano teacher and person.  My son and daughter were piano students of J.B.  Because I stayed for the lessons, I was able to witness the organization, attention to technique, and encouragement J.B.  gave my kids throughout the lesson.  My kids enjoyed practicing throughout the week and really wanted to impress J.B. by the lesson time.  They loved the visual aspect of the Suzuki method, watching the teacher model how to play, them repeating, and going through this until they were comfortable they could practice successfully at home.  J.B. was always ready at the start of the lesson time to delve right in where they left off the week before.  She was so in tune with their personalities that she easily conversed and gave the perfect amount of praise and feedback to each.

I really enjoyed the progression of the Suzuki piano pieces.  The order allows the students to have the skills and confidence to move ahead to the next piece.  J.B. held two recitals during the year, and all of her students had such confidence and wonderful progression from recital to recital.  No one was nervous because they were so well prepared by J.B.  The students were as proud of themselves as their parents and J.B. were!

J.B.’s exceptional talent as a pianist and teacher, her innate ability to motivate and encourage students to push themselves to a higher level, and her professionalism and kindness to students and parents make her the highest quality teacher one could ever wish for!

J. Tang


J.B. Taylor has played an instrumental role in our three boys’ musical development as all three started playing with J.B. as they started elementary school – all three studied the Suzuki method over a five year time frame.  J.B. shared her love of piano and music theory in a style that was both serious and fun.  Her positive approach with the three different personalities of our kids was sincere and effective.  She always knew how to engage them even if they were tired, had a tough day or were simply distracted!  Her patience was a blessing and her humor could remedy any challenging practicing or teaching moment!  Her positive personality and dedication are truly one of a kind.

Our two older sons now also play guitar and we firmly believe that their success with guitar was largely due to J.B.’s work with them on ear training, music theory, and playing style.  Our time with her as our teacher was a gift that will remain with our boys for their lifetimes and throughout their love of various styles of music and musical instruments.

L. Moriarity


J.B. Taylor is a fun, inspiring, and motivating teacher who really connects with her students.  She knows the method of Suzuki training through and through.  She is incredibly well versed in the repertoire.  One lesson, we forgot our Book II.  Undaunted, she went right ahead with the lesson and taught anyway because she is so familiar with the music.  I watched my children grow musically from the very beginning of learning to play the piano.  They learned great technique and played correct rhythms and notes, but they played with a real sense of what the piece was about. I think J.B.’s effective use of review really brought that out.

J.B. also nurtured the parent-child relationship.  She was very good at teaching the parent how to be part of the child’s progress like giving tips on how to practice together, or suggesting when the child could take more ownership. (Sometimes we parents need help with that.)  J.B. invested in our family and saw music as a means to draw us together.  Taking piano instruction from J.B. built community within our family as well as the great music world.

B. Gabriel


My son began taking Suzuki piano lessons from J.B. Taylor when we has 3 1/2 years old.  He is now 8 years old.  My son loves piano and has received several invitations to play in honor recitals because of his musical style and beautiful piano posture.  We attribute his wonderful piano playing to J.B.’s teaching.  She has an amazing way with young children.  J.B. is patient, kind, and supportive whether your child is learning the basics or has advanced to playing more difficult pieces.  She cares about her students and truly wants to make the piano experience the most positive one possible.  J.B. is a fun and happy teacher and always a great listener which is vital to teaching young Suzuki students.  She is an outstanding piano teacher!

A. Betts


Our family has known J.B. for four years.  She has been a fabulous piano teacher.  She is organized and communicates well with parents and children.  I feel that she understands the different temperaments and abilities of my children and tailors their lessons and assignments to them.  She makes lessons fun for the kids.  J.B. always stays positive and is encouraging to both students and parents.  I highly recommend J.B. as a piano teacher.

J. Swenson



J.B. Taylor is an exceptionally talented pianist, a superb piano teacher, and a thoroughly delightful person.  i am pleased to recommend her highly.  J.B. gave piano lessons (primarily using the Suzuki method) to my older son for approximately seven years and my younger son for about five years at the MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our children were among her students for the entire time she taught in Minnesota.

The longevity of our relationship is a testimony to our family’s high regard for J.B.   But we were only one of many families in this position:  J.B.’s professional expertise coupled with her warm personality means that her students stick with her.  One of J.B.’s best qualities as a piano teacher is her ability to adapt to students so as to keep them excited about music and eager to continue learning.  when my older son began to pass through those difficult teen years, J.B. worked hard to ascertain his interests and find pieces to intrigue him – he ended up mastering Dave Brubeck’s  “Take Five,” which is far outside the Suzuki repertoire but was exactly what he needed.  My younger son is mathematically inclined and loves music theory; J.B. found assignments for him that challenged him and helped him branch into composition.

J.B. has high expectations for her students – we could tell who her students were at departmental recitals because they were well prepared with polished pieces – but she supports them all along the way so they can meet those expectation.  Our children learned much more than how to play the piano in J.B.’s studio: they required responsible habits of mind in a nurturing atmosphere.  We count ourselves truly fortunate to have known J.B. and enjoyed her talents.  We will miss her a great deal, but we known that other families will benefit from her abilities as a teacher and will take pleasure in having her as part of their family as much as we have.

J. Wahl


J.B. has a very natural ability to teach piano that flourishes through her passion for music.

Her teaching style incorporates a positive approach through good criticisms and goal-oriented teaching.  Jordan was always given short-term and long-term goals at every lesson.  J.B. tailors each lesson to the age and experience of each student flawlessly.  She is a positive influence on her students in terms of learning habits and overall attitude towards playing the piano.

J.B.’s musical resume is extraordinary, and she is highly respected by her students and their families.  Her home studio offered a comfortable yet very professional learning setting.  Always dependable, J.B. has a very professional approach to both teaching and executing her business.

C. McDonnell